Safety before schedule, always

John Plesa, excellent communicator, focused on safety, diligent worker and the most recent newly wed of the AYQ Team. That deserves a big congratulations.

Ayers Rock Airport is full of talent. The hard working individuals who know how to get the job done with precision and efficiency are vital to the AYQ operation. However, there is one person who has been standing out from them all of late and always delivers his absolute finest. John has built a solid reputation that is highly respected. Therefore, his foundation of a diligent work ethic and consistent application of due care and safety in all scenarios is outstanding. 

On many occasions, John has demonstrated extensive amounts of knowledge regarding his role as a Leading Hand at Ayers Rock. As a result, John’s continually displays the daily tasks of a Leading Hand in an exemplary fashion. John has cast a valuable influence on his peers to use his actions as a role model reference.

John, an exemplar effort for all to follow

Recently, one of John’s many efforts was recognised for his level of alertness and persistence to ensure his job was completed at an impeccable standard. As expected, John was commended on his ability to identify an inbound flight’s ballast load discrepancy of 100kg. In addition to the load discrepancy, John dealt with 39 Tran ship Bags which required offloading, scanning and reloading to the next available Cairns flight. Unfortunately for John, not all bags were able to be scanned by the Baggage Reconciliation System. This left him to investigate whether the passengers who owned the bags were checked in to the flight.

John has a fantastic attention to detail, and a commitment to great levels of communication. His adherence to a Safety before Schedule attitude ensures all operations are always carefully and correctly managed.

So as you can see, John is very dedicated to delivering his absolute best while at work. Thankfully though, his caring and thoughtful persona doesn’t cease to exist once he returns home. A warm congratulations to the bride and groom for their special day and the future ahead of them.


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