TEAM AYQ – Customer Service ‘Above and Beyond’!

With 2019 well under way, continuing our efforts from last year is very important! OAS must attempt to deliver high standards of customer service for our airlines and their customers.

Recently, a story of customer service excellence was shared in appreciation of Ayers Rock Airport’s outstanding staff performance. Highlighting a particular Customer Service Agent of Oceania Aviation’s Jetstar operations. Stacey was an accurate representation of Oceania’s service culture.

Whilst a Jetstar passenger awaited assistance regarding a missed-flight dilemma, Stacey approached the situation with an encouraging demeanor. Her attitude to the situation immediately set the passenger on the right track towards a hopeful state of mind. Stacey ensured the passenger was able to re-book a flight home from Ayers Rock (AYQ) to Brisbane (BNE). She then assisted with transport to the Town’s Centre. Where the passenger would stay until it was time to return to the Airport and board their flight.

The passenger commended Stacey on her commitment to assisting in every way possible and her constant positive attitude to the situation at hand. Well done Stacey, your efforts in maintaining a consistent ‘above and beyond’ attitude is greatly appreciated.


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