5 Tips for better Mental Health

Oceania Aviation’s involvement with Mental Health

Every year Oceania Aviation Services (OAS) actively engages in Safe Work Week. An initiative developed with the intent of improving worker’s mental health. Both inside and out of the workplace. We understand that sometimes personal issues can get in the way of your work and inhibit you from achieving your best. However, this doesn’t need to be the case! OAS’s coordination of daily activities aims to stress the importance of good mental health and its impact on the workplace. Consisting of healthy lunches, safety messages and a 10,000 Step Challenge, OAS employees are spoiled for mental health education. 


What is Mental Health and how does it affect us both in and out of work?

Mental health is often a term used to substitute for specific mental health conditions such as; depression, variations of anxiety and schizophrenia. Even though, this is the common ‘norm’ for defining mental health, it is more specifically articulated as “a state of well being in which every individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with normal stresses of life and can work productively and fruitfully whilst making a contribution to his or her community.” 

Therefore, Good mental health is always essential, regardless of employment status everyone deserves the right to be healthy, active and focused on their goals. Noticeably, Poor mental health can result in anxiety, mood swings, blurred thinking patterns, depression and low self-esteem. No matter who you are, you deserve the freedom to work, live and think without these burdens. So, without further ado here are our 5 Tips to better Mental Health!


5 Tips

1. Sleeping Well

Did you know that 66% of the population suffers from sleep problems? Ensuring you have a great sleep every night helps with your mental health in multiple ways. Sleeping is a great way to take a break from what may be happening in your life. While sleeping you’re not only recharging your batteries for the next day, but you also gain benefit from reduced stress levels and clearer thinking.

Some ways of improving your sleep pattern is to be diligent with going to sleep and waking up at similar times. By doing this, your body will become accustomed to a regular pattern and you’ll notice a significant benefit.

2. Staying Active

Activity gets the blood flowing and is a fantastic way to take your mind off daily stresses in life. By allocating some time during the week to go for a walk, run, bicycle ride or even a swim you’re increasing your time away from those stresses.

It is important to remember that with a better sleeping routine you will have more energy to get out there and participate in group activities or individual endeavours. The essential aspect to note however is that being active will dramatically increase your mood. No matter if it is 30 minutes a day or even less, anything will help.

3. Eating Well to Fuel an Active Lifestyle

So, now you’re sleeping well, you’re waking up with lots of energy and you’re enjoying that morning walk down the beach, well done! With all of the prior mentioned actions in check it is time to focus on eating the right foods to support the new lifestyle.

Sustaining your new active lifestyle is critical to a long-lasting effort of great sleep and exercising routines. By drinking water you can overcome small batches of fatigue and work towards minimising dehydration. Eating breakfast is another contributing factor to great mental health as it is the first boost of energy for your day. Regular small portions encourage great metabolism and minimise the effect of bloating.

4. Be Involved with Life

Get out there and get involved! Join a gym, a local sport team, go for walks with your friends, enjoy a coffee at the local café. It doesn’t matter what the activity is or who you do it with but it is always important to surround yourself with people you can engage with.

5. Seek Help

Always seek help if you need to do so. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge that you need assistance from someone. You’re only human and it is normal to seek help from those around you. Making sure you don’t leave the issues unattended to is vital to ensuring your mental health stays positive and stable.

That’s it, if you follow these 5 Tips to Better Mental Health you can be sure to see some positive outcomes in the near future.


On a serious note, do seek help if you require it and if you believe someone needs a helping hand, reach out to them. You could be the friend they desperately need. Contact any of the organisations below for further detailed information about mental health.


| LIVIN ORG – https://livin.org/ |

| Acacia Connection – https://www.eapcounselling.com.au/ |