Oceania Aviation’s Front-line Staff Rewarded for Exceptional Efforts by Qantas Airways | Customer Service Appraisal

Three months have just clicked by since the launch of Qantas’ ‘Making the Moment’ recognition program. Within that time frame, twelve of Oceania Aviation’s front line team members have been grateful recipients of the award and are striving for more results. ‘Making the Moment’ is an initiative with the goal of recognising customer service appraisal via extraordinary customer experiences.

Oceania Aviation’s team members are committed to delivering an incredible experience for all airline passengers that they may assist. Recognition by these passengers is a fantastic way to encourage the extraordinary acts of service that these staff strive to achieve.



Please take the time to view the following statements of outstanding customer service as reported by Qantas passengers.


1 – Meagan

It was about 5:30am and the person at the desk was welcoming, friendly, handled the fact that another  customer was taking a bit of time.. ie acknowledged me .. ‘won’t be long.. thanks for patience etc.’  I didn’t catch her name and she didn’t know me but I’ll remember her name next time. the rest of the experience was good too.  good coffee – seats available – gate call was timely.


2 – Meagan

Thank you to your staff member Meagan in the Gold Coast Lounge who contacted lost property for an item left on the plane yesterday and personally round and gave it to me


3 – Meagan

There was an issue with flight time and scheduling and I MUST thank some people and highlight the reason I fly Qantas nearly always. Megan at the Qantas Club lounge who had a busy role greeting and welcoming customers perfectly while sat on hold to support our issues with a flight and completely solved the problem without complaint or frustration, another outstanding individual who out of sheer determination supported us and I am extremely grateful for her support of us. Megan is outstanding and my wife and have and into the foreseeable future support Qantas.  Your quality of service and the people behind the brand are a shining light, thank you to Megan for her absolute support of us when it could have been so easy to drop us, you are outstanding in your customer support thank you.


4 – Meagan

On this occasion a Qantas Club staff member who had the keys or computer access slept in and ended up causing the club to open about 30 or 45 minutes late.  Frustrating, but impressed how she (and the other staff) handled it – in a very Gold Coast fashion.   First, while we were waiting outside they brought us coffees.  Second, the lady who caused the delay apologised to everyone over the PA, and then as we left to board the flight apologised to each member.  Great recovery from a human mistake!


5 – Peter

Qantas lounge a welcome relief from the garish gold coast airport. Very poor traffic control of people.  Qantas lounge staff were customer focussed despite a very busy lounge (friday). Check in staff also customer focussed and helpful organising international connections (Thanks)


6 – Wendy

Very professional in dealing with reservation issues. Otherwise, perfectly fine, as always.


7 – Meagan

Special thanks to Meagan at OOL Qantas club for seamlessly rearranging my flights. She is a great representation of awesome customer service. 10/10.


8 – Peter

Qantas lounge a welcome relief from the garish Gold Coast airport. Very poor traffic control of people. Qantas lounge staff were customer focused despite a very busy lounge. Check-in staff Peter also customer focussed and helpful organising international connections.


9 – Matthew

Dear Team Qantas, Huge shout out to Customer Service Officer Matthew at OOL Sunday for his exceptional care and support with an important flight change.


10 – Bella

Bella is always incredibly welcoming and is a Qantas legend in my mind.


11 – Peter

Peter was checking mw in. I’ve recently been downgraded to Silver (travelling with CX these days) and he helped me manage the extra baggage charges as I was with more pieces of luggage. He even ran over my over-sized bag as flight was closing…really really excellent service.


12 – Indi

Great customer service experience with Indi working hard at Coolangatta Airport today. Well done Qantas, on my way to Melbourne.


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