Oceania Aviation is taking caring for our team to the next level.

We are beyond proud to announce the reintroduction of our new and improved Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in partnership with Acacia EAP.

The Black Dog Institute has identified that mental illness is now the leading cause sickness absence and long-term work incapacity in Australia.

This is why our Employee Assistance Program will provide four short-term counselling sessions per employee and immediate family member per year. These sessions can be utilised for personal or work related problems.

Due to the Privacy Act (1988), Oceania Aviation will not be notified of who exactly utilises these counselling sessions. We hope this brings our team security and encourages them to use the EAP however they need.

Our goal with the implementation of the EAP is to stop being ignorant of the struggles that our employees face in life or at work. We want to be a part of that solution and this program is just the beginning for Oceania Aviation.

Acacia EAP offers counselling in a variety of areas, including:

· Depression and Anxiety
· Relationship and marriage difficulties
· Family and parenting issues
· Managing grief or loss
· Illness adjustment and Management
· Stress management
· Addiction and substance abuse
· Work related stress
· Sleep disorders
· Dietician support
· Eating disorders
· Domestic violence
· Mental Illness
· And any other issues you may be faced with in your work or personal life

Getting in contact with Acacia EAP is easy! Follow the steps below to book your counselling sessions.

Employee Assistance Program
Employee Assistance Program

To learn more about how Oceania Aviation supports their team, visit our careers page today.