Over the past 7 years, Oceania Aviation has made significant strides in systemisation through advanced aviation technology. As a business grows, the challenge of capturing, managing, and utilising data to measure performance and drive improvement becomes paramount. At Oceania Aviation, we have dedicated considerable effort to effectively manage and integrate the diverse data streams within our operations.

In the ground handling business, managing operational data poses numerous challenges. To address this, we have thoroughly analysed various system solutions to ensure we possess the specific capabilities required for our operations. Furthermore, we sought seamless integration to leverage the full potential of our data.

Introducing Avtura: Oceania Aviation’s Real-Time Operational Data Capture and Management System

To overcome these challenges, Oceania has invested in Avtura, a cutting-edge system for real-time operational data capture and management. This innovative solution empowers our ramp and front-of-house teams to capture real-time data during the aircraft turn process. The data is automatically uploaded to our servers, allowing us to review and share it with our customers. This real-time collection significantly enhances data accuracy, making it more meaningful for analysis and driving improvement initiatives.

Say Goodbye to Inefficient Paper-Based Systems

By implementing the Avtura system, we have bid farewell to outdated, error-prone paper-based systems. These cumbersome methods lacked real-time capture capabilities, hindering efficiency. With Avtura, our staff now utilize handheld devices to rapidly and accurately capture operational events as they unfold. Currently, we have successfully rolled out the Avtura system in 30% of our ports across our network. We eagerly anticipate completing the implementation project and sharing the resulting business improvements with our valued customers.

Streamlined Integration and Collaboration

To maximise the potential of our data, we have integrated the Avtura system with our staff rostering and payroll system, safety management system, and learning and development systems. This integration enables seamless collaboration and reduces duplication of work and data. At Oceania Aviation, we prioritise continuous review and assessment of our systems as technology advances. This approach ensures our data management strategies remain at the forefront of innovation.

Experience the Future of Data Management in Aviation Technology with Oceania Aviation

Oceania Aviation is proud to be at the forefront of data management in the aviation industry. Our investment in Avtura and our commitment to seamless integration and continuous improvement enable us to provide our customers with unparalleled service and performance. Join us on this exciting journey as we harness the power of technology to shape the future of aviation data management.