For as long as we can remember the aviation ground services industry has been using diesel-driven equipment to service aircraft at airports around the world. That is changing with new trials for sustainable aviation support services.

Fossil-fuelled equipment is becoming less and less desirable as the industry, and the world looks for more environmentally sustainable solutions. Many of the world’s GSE (Ground Support Equipment) manufacturers are now starting to produce equipment that is electrically driven, powered by lithium and other battery technologies. The International Air Transport Association have invested a great deal of time into producing a road map for the industry to take steps to achieve net zero CO2 by 2050.

Oceania Aviation is proud to be part of the environmental revolution and now taking steps to secure green solutions for its vast GSE fleet across Australia and the Pacific.

We have for some time now been heavily involved in the analysis and comparison of new electric equipment to ensure it can deliver the same or better outcomes for up time, capacity and capability. This is to ensure that as we transition over time to the new green technology, we are able to continue to deliver high levels of service to our customers.

Oceania Aviation is in discussion with all stakeholders, customers, airport authorities, regulators and other government departments to ensure we are all aligned with the new requirements on infrastructure, regulations, safety and operations of the new equipment. Charging systems and infrastructure is the immediate challenge, as high power requirements and charging infrastructure is required to support the charge programs that are essential for this equipment.

We are pleased to be undertaking the first trials of electric baggage tugs and electric belt loaders in our airports today. These trials will enable management and operational staff the opportunity to learn and understand the differences and nuances of the electrically powered equipment. Testing the capability, and evaluating the new operations processes that may be required to facilitate the correct charging profiles to enable the right level of equipment availability for sustainable aviation support services.

We can see the future, we are fully committed to the development and implementation of a green solution and are proactively engaging with all stakeholders to plan out the rollout of our electrified GSE fleet. We are very proud to be investing in the environment as we grow our future capability to drive better, safer and more environmentally friendly solutions into our industry.

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