At Oceania Aviation, we firmly believe that recognizing and celebrating exceptional contributions is essential to fostering a thriving workplace culture. We are thrilled to unveil our latest initiative – the Employee Reward & Recognition Program. This program is a heartfelt expression of our commitment to acknowledging those who continually go above and beyond, driving our success and embodying the values that define Oceania Aviation.

Nominations That Shine Bright

The heart of our Reward and Recognition Program lies in the nominations made by our very own team members. We encourage everyone to participate by nominating colleagues who embody the spirit of excellence and contribute to the fabric of our organization. If you know someone deserving of recognition, simply send an email to aw****@oc*************.com to put their name in the spotlight.

Spotlighting Success

We believe that celebrating achievements should be shared with the world. Each month, we’ll shine a spotlight on our deserving award winners, announcing their successes across our vibrant array of social media platforms. These stories of determination and triumph aren’t just meant to inspire us internally – they also showcase the incredible individuals who make Oceania Aviation the undeniable Ground Handler of Choice.

Diamond Award Recipient: Exemplifying Excellence

The Diamond Award is the epitome of distinction, presenting a remarkable experience valued at $2,000. This accolade pays homage to those who not only live and breathe our company culture and ethos but also act as fervent brand ambassadors for Oceania Aviation. Possessing exceptional leadership skills and unwavering integrity, Diamond Award recipients are the driving force behind a unified team that consistently delivers excellence. They empower others to develop knowledge and confidence, while their empathy and exceptional interpersonal skills create a positive atmosphere. These individuals embrace change and exhibit resilience, all the while maintaining an inspiring self-confidence. Diplomatic and open-minded, they foster an environment of continuous improvement and innovation. The Diamond Award is presented monthly, honoring those who embody exceptional leadership and an unwavering commitment to the Oceania Aviation culture and brand.

Platinum Award Recipient: Guiding Light of Achievement

The Platinum Award, valued at $1,000, spotlights those who consistently lead by example, supporting both the Oceania Aviation brand and culture. These role models empower their team, fostering knowledge and confidence, all while embracing change with a positive disposition. They stand resilient in the face of challenges and are relentless in their pursuit of improvement and innovation. The Platinum Award, given monthly, pays tribute to those whose efforts inspire a culture of excellence within our organization.

Gold Star Award Recipient: Brightening Every Moment

The Gold Star Award, represented by a $50 gift card, illuminates the path of individuals who consistently exceed expectations. These exceptional individuals treat everyone with dignity and respect, demonstrating an unwavering can-do attitude. They contribute to a joyful work environment and uplift team morale. Notably, they go out of their way to support their colleagues and lead by example, all while being reliable, honest, and adaptable. The Gold Star Award is a symbol of appreciation, awarded spontaneously by our Port Manager or Duty Manager throughout the year.

A Heartfelt Thank You

To every member of the Oceania Aviation team, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Your dedication, passion, and tireless efforts drive our success and propel us to new heights. With the Rewards & Recognition Program, we aim to ensure that your contributions are not just acknowledged, but celebrated in a meaningful way. You truly are the beating heart of Oceania Aviation, and we’re excited to embark on this journey of celebrating excellence together.