Amongst the intricacies of activities that take place within an airport, ground handling jobs often play a behind-the-scenes role that is nothing short of essential. Oceania Aviation offers a wide range of exciting employment opportunities that will set you on the path to success.

Join us, and you’ll have the chance to work alongside some of Australia and the Asia-Pacific’s most renowned airlines, playing a crucial role in ensuring passengers have an unforgettable experience.

At Oceania Aviation, we prioritize our people, offering a work environment that is safe, inclusive, and promotes equal opportunities. Our commitment to our team members is unwavering, which is why we provide ongoing training, opportunities for upskilling, rewards, recognition, flexible shifts, above-average wages, and stringent anti-discrimination policies.

Here’s a glimpse of what your career progression with us could look like:

Ground Handling Jobs: Airline Check-In Crew

As a member of our Airline Check-In Crew, your mission is to deliver an exceptional level of customer experience to our airline customers, making every interaction memorable. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Warmly welcoming customers at the check-in counter with a smile.
  • Proficiently processing customers in the airline check-in system.
  • Ensuring compliance with travel documents and international travel requirements.
  • Preparing and issuing boarding passes and baggage reclaim vouchers.
  • Assisting in the boarding process.
  • Marshalling passengers when necessary.
  • Managing delays and disruptions with professionalism.

Ground Handling Jobs: Airside Ground Crew

Join our Airside Ground Crew and become a vital part of maintaining a safe and compliant operation for our airline customers and their travelers. Your role will involve:

    • Handling baggage and freight with precision.
    • Efficiently loading and unloading aircraft.
    • Overseeing aircraft receipt and dispatch processes.
    • Participating in aircraft towing, pushback, and positioning.
    • Collaborating with Flight Crew and Air Traffic Control for seamless operations.
    • Operating and driving aircraft service equipment.
    • Utilizing two-way radios, baggage scanners, and other IT equipment.
    • Maintaining meticulous records and documentation.

    Ground Handling Jobs: Aircraft Cabin Presentation Crew

    Make a lasting impression as a member of our Aircraft Cabin Presentation Crew, where your attention to detail ensures that passengers’ first moments on board are exceptional. Your responsibilities include:

    • Thoroughly cleaning the cabin, including seats, pockets, aisles, lavatories, galleys, and waste removal.
    • Presenting seat belts, blankets, pillows, and magazines in impeccable condition.
    • Maintaining the pristine appearance of our offices.

    Visit our careers page to explore our current job openings and embark on your aviation journey with Oceania Aviation. We’re ready to welcome you to our team and provide you with the opportunities and support you need to soar in your career. Join us today!