On International Women’s Day, the world celebrated the remarkable contributions of women across various sectors, and the aviation industry stood proudly as a testament to the strength, talent, and innovation of women. At Oceania Aviation, an Australian-owned leader in aviation services, the spirit of celebration resonated deeply as we honoured the incredible women who not only form an integral part of our team but also shape the entire aviation landscape.


Inspiring Stories From Women in Aviation

A recent video released by Jetstar Australia showcased the inspiring stories of women from our Oceania Aviation team stationed at Ballina Airport and Gold Coast Airport. From the bustling check-in counters to the dynamic tarmac operations, these women stand as pillars of excellence, driving our collective journey towards safer, more innovative, and efficient ground handling services.

The message of this video echoes loud and clear – together, we soar higher, break barriers, and inspire future generations. It’s a sentiment that reverberates not only within our company but throughout the aviation industry as a whole.

One of the women featured in the video, Sophie Connolly is a First Officer whose journey into aviation was sparked by a news article highlighting a predicted shortage of pilots in Australia. Sophie’s story is a testament to the power of inspiration and opportunity. She shares, “Aviation is such a huge industry and there are opportunities for women everywhere. So my advice is definitely work hard in school and make sure that you have all of those options open to yourself.” Her advice to aspiring young pilots, particularly females, is simple yet profound – work hard and pursue your dreams relentlessly.

Taylah Smith, a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, also shares her perspective, emphasising the practicality of her chosen career and its impact on enabling people to commute and connect with their loved ones. For Taylah, International Women’s Day holds immense significance as it sheds light on the incredible women within Jetstar, Qantas, and the broader aviation industry. These women are trailblazers, challenging traditional gender norms and paving the way for a more inclusive future in aviation.

At Oceania Aviation, we recognise the importance of celebrating and empowering women in aviation. By amplifying their voices, sharing their stories, and showcasing their achievements, we hope to inspire more women to pursue careers in this dynamic and rewarding field. As the video aptly highlights, it’s going to take a collective effort to effect change, but with determination and support, we can make a difference.

On this International Women’s Day, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the amazing women of Oceania Aviation and beyond. Your dedication, passion, and resilience continue to shape the skies and inspire generations to come. Here’s to celebrating women in aviation today, tomorrow, and always. Happy International Women’s Day!